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Andy Rosario a.k.a Andinoh, a.k.a Dnoted is a young artist, music producer, songwriter, engineer and singer from the Dominican Republic, who came to the United States to kill the pop genre with his unique sound and beautiful lyrics. His dream is to one day “Make music for the whole world to hear and innovate the diverse Genres found all around and adapt them to modern and popular styles (pop, R&B, Hip Hop, EDM) for everyone’s liking” When he was around 17 years old he noticed that all the things he was doing for fun like writing poetry, singing, dancing and performing, could actually become a career. He started studying piano, guitar, music composition, music theory and music production in his country, but there was a limit of what he could learn since it’s a small country and the technology and techniques they use aren’t as up to date, so, he decided to come to study music production in the United States. He applied to Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood and got accepted and not only did he get accepted but also won a production scholarship from that same school where he graduated with honors cum lauder and is now a member of the National Honor Society of Entertainment Art. Today he is living in Los Angeles, California as an independent producer/engineer/singer/songwriter working hard on his material, ready for the world to hear his music..